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Download TOEFL power-prep full length tests

The test has four sections, all of which are mandatory.

  • Listening measures the ability to understand English as it is spoken in North America. This section tests comprehension of main ideas, supporting ideas, important details, and inferences. You will both see and hear the questions before the answer choices appear.
  • Structure measures the ability to recognize language that is appropriate for standard written English The language tested is formal, rather than conversational. When topics have a national context, they refer to United States or Canadian history, culture, art, or literature. However, knowledge of these contexts is not needed to answer the questions.
  • Reading measures the ability to understand short passages similar in topic and style to academic texts used in North American colleges and universities. You will read a variety of short passages on academic subjects and answer several questions about each passage
  • Writing measures the ability to write in English on an assigned topic

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