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Download High Speed Calculations - A Guide to GRE, GMAT, SAT candidates by: Rajnish Kumar

A book for all those engrossed in preparations for SAT, GRE, GMAT ,CAT and various other similar examinations. Are you "wasting time" in calculations 90% of the time goes in this. Here is a book which can significantly increase the speed by 50%. The reason for errors in calculating are two fold, lack of time and no definite way for verification of result. The problem is aggravated more when speed and accuracy are the essence, and even a slight error can fetch negative marks. This simply is overwhelming and remorse occurs in potential candidates. This book has been compiled after extensive study of various quick calculation techniques picked up from Prof Tratchenberg`s Book and Vedic Mathematics, and also from tidbits across a spectrum of books. It has been kept very simple and only the very relevant and "truly" quick techniques have been mentioned.

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